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Definitions - Sky Tower

Zip wires

An instructor will connect you to the zip wire. On landing if facing forward try running and stay on your feet, if you land backwards keep knees slightly bent and drag heals in wood chip until you come to a stop. Never lift your weight up on the ropes or touch the wires. After landing disconnect yourself from the wire and return to the tower via the path.


The Powerfan is a freefall descent machine. An instructor will connect you to the safety wire, all you have to do is step, not jump off the 11m high platform. After the initial drop the powerfan will bring you to a gentle landing below.

All participants must weigh between 30kg and 120kg and over 8yrs.

Participants must be in good health and not have any of the following; heart complaint, spinal injury or weak spine, pregnant or any medical condition that may be exacerbated by the use of the Sky Tower activities.

Appropriate clothing must be worn. This will normally include training shoes or walking boots. Loose fitting shoes or shoes with high or pronounced heels are unacceptable. Loose clothing or other items (particularly scarves or ties) should be removed from the body and/or pockets.

An instructor will connect you to the safety wire, you must not adjust or disconnect yourself or other peoples safety ropes at anytime.

For further information and or copies of risk assessments please contact us at Heatherton.