Is there Parking Available?

There is plenty of free parking available at the site all year round.

What should I Wear?

You should wear suitable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions that you do not mind getting damaged. Firmly attached footwear (ideally with some ankle support) must be worn during participation - open toed or slip off shoes are unsuitable. Long hair must be tied back and, for comfort, your waist covered (with any piercing removed or taped over). Please also ensure that any jewellery is removed so that it does not get damaged or caught at any point during the course. You will be provided with the necessary safety equipment to participate in all activities on the Tree Tops Trail.

Do we need to book in advance?

It is best to book in advance to ensure that you have a secured place for the trail at the most convenient time and date to suit you. During school holidays booking is essential.

Can I take a camera on with me?

You are allowed to take a camera on the courses with you, however they must be attached to you so that they are unable to fall and that they will not be in the way whilst you are moving around the course.

What is a powerfan?

A powerfan is a vertical descent machine, from the top of the climbing tower. An instructor will connect you to the powefan via the safety rope. It is then up to you to walk to the edge of the platform and step off. After a fast initial drop you land gently on the woodchip below.

Will there be an accompanying instructor on the course with us?

You will be trained to used the safety system by an instructor prior to going on the course, ensuring that you are confident with the procedure. Then you will be led to a training course with an instructor where you will get a taster of obstacles that you may come across in the woods and get used to the safety system at height. Following this you will be led down on the main courses, an instructor will be patrolling the course so if you are in need of any assistance they are able to do so. 

Can my Under 18 year old go on the course on their own?

16 year olds and over can sign for themselves and do not require an adult. One adult(18 years plus) can supervise up to 6 under 16 year olds from the ground on either the junior or main trail..

What weather conditions does it run in?

The Tree Tops Trail is able to run in most weather conditions including heavy rain. It may be necessary during strong winds, lightning or exceptionally cold weather to close the trail, in which case Heatherton Sports Park will reasonably endeavour to re-accommodate your group by re-booking a different time slot or offer one of the many activities Heatherton can provide in these conditions.

How fit do I have to be?

You will have to be reasonably fit and agile as there is an element of both physical and mental challenge involved. If you are able to climb up a flight of stairs without becoming breathless then you should be fine. We recommend that pregnant women or people with medical conditions do not participate before contacting their doctor due to the potential risk. Due to the fitting requirements of the safety equipment, it may be necessary for participants with a larger or smaller frame to wear a chest harness.

Please contact Heatherton on 01646 652000 if you have any other enquiries or would like to book.